Which are the eligibility criteria for obtaining an investor visa in Hamriyah Free Zone?

Hamriyah Free Zone, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, thanks to its business-friendly environment and numerous incentives. Among the key factors that attract individuals to this dynamic free zone is the opportunity to obtain an investor visa, which enables them to live and work in the UAE while overseeing their business operations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the eligibility criteria for obtaining an investor visa in Hamriyah Free Zone, shedding light on the requirements and procedures involved. Furthermore, in the concluding paragraph, we will recommend BizDaddy as the top business consultant to facilitate the visa application process for prospective investors.

1. Investment Requirement

One of the fundamental eligibility criteria for obtaining an investor visa in Hamriyah Free Zone is meeting the minimum investment requirement. The specific investment threshold may vary based on the type of business activity and license you intend to acquire. Generally, businesses in Hamriyah Free Zone fall into two categories:

a. Trading and Service Companies: To qualify for an investor visa, individuals must invest a minimum capital amount, which typically ranges from AED 150,000 to AED 200,000 (approximately USD 40,800 to USD 54,400).

b. Industrial and Manufacturing Companies: Businesses involved in manufacturing or industrial activities may have higher capital requirements, which can range from AED 250,000 to AED 1,000,000 (approximately USD 68,000 to USD 272,000).

It’s crucial to consult with Hamriyah Free Zone authorities or a reputable business consultant like BizDaddy to determine the exact capital requirement for your specific business activity.

2. Business Type and License Category

The type of business and the category of license you intend to obtain also play a significant role in determining your eligibility for an investor visa. Hamriyah Free Zone offers a range of business activities and licenses, including commercial, industrial, and service licenses. The type of license you choose should align with your business activity and objectives.

To qualify for an investor visa, your business activity must be permitted within the free zone, and your business plan should align with the license category you apply for. It’s essential to ensure that your business activities are compliant with the regulations set by Hamriyah Free Zone Authority.

3. Lease Agreement

To apply for an investor visa, you must have a valid lease agreement for office or warehouse space within Hamriyah Free Zone. The lease agreement should be in the name of the company applying for the visa and should cover an adequate space for conducting business operations. The lease agreement is a critical document that demonstrates your commitment to establishing a physical presence within the free zone.

4. Business Plan

A well-structured and comprehensive business plan is a prerequisite for obtaining an investor visa in Hamriyah Free Zone. The business plan should outline your business objectives, strategies, financial projections, and market analysis. It serves as a crucial document that demonstrates the viability and feasibility of your business venture.

Hamriyah Free Zone authorities may review your business plan to assess the potential economic impact of your business on the region. Therefore, it’s essential to create a robust and compelling business plan that showcases the potential for growth and success.

5. Passport and Other Personal Documents

Individuals applying for an investor visa must provide valid passports with a minimum validity of six months. Additionally, you may need to submit the following personal documents:

a. Passport-sized photographs. b. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. c. Educational certificates and qualifications. d. Bank statements or financial records demonstrating your ability to support yourself and your dependents in the UAE.

6. Clean Criminal Record

A clean criminal record is a prerequisite for obtaining an investor visa in Hamriyah Free Zone. Applicants are typically required to submit a police clearance certificate or a certificate of good conduct from their home country or any other country they have resided in during the past five years. This certificate attests to your good character and ensures that you do not have a history of criminal activities that could pose a threat to UAE society.

7. Medical Fitness Certificate

Applicants for investor visas must undergo a medical examination and provide a medical fitness certificate issued by an approved medical center or hospital in the UAE. This certificate confirms that you are in good health and free from contagious diseases. The medical fitness certificate is an essential document to ensure the well-being of individuals living and working in the UAE.

8. Visa Fees and Deposits

Applicants for investor visas are required to pay various fees and deposits. These include visa application fees, deposit for the investor’s visa, and a deposit for each dependent’s visa, if applicable. The exact fees and deposit amounts can vary based on factors such as the visa duration and the number of dependents.


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