How to get a business license for an advertising company in Fujairah Creative City?

Fujairah Creative City, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a thriving free zone that attracts businesses from various industries, including advertising. If you’re planning to establish an advertising company in this dynamic hub, the first and most crucial step is obtaining the necessary business license. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of obtaining a business license for an advertising company in Fujairah Creative City, ensuring that you meet all regulatory requirements and launch your business successfully.

  1. Choose Your Business Activity 

The initial step in securing a business license for your advertising company in Fujairah Creative City is to clearly define your business activities. In the free zone, you have the flexibility to engage in various advertising-related activities, such as advertising and marketing consultancy, advertising agency services, and media production services.

It’s crucial to specify your intended business activities accurately, as this will determine the type of license you need to apply for. Consider the scope of services you plan to offer and align them with the most relevant business activity category.

  1. Business Structure and License Type 

Fujairah Creative City offers several types of business licenses, depending on your business structure and objectives. The two most common types for advertising companies are:

a. Free Zone Establishment (FZE): This is suitable for a single shareholder or an individual business owner. You will have full ownership of your advertising company.

b. Free Zone Company (FZC): If you plan to have multiple shareholders or partners in your advertising business, an FZC license allows shared ownership.

Select the license type that aligns with your business structure and goals.

  1. Documentation and Registration

To initiate the licensing process, you must provide the following documents:

a. Completed Application Form: Fill out the license application form, providing accurate details about your advertising company’s activities.

b. Passport Copies: Submit passport copies of all shareholders, directors, and managers of the company.

c. Business Plan: Prepare a comprehensive business plan outlining your advertising company’s objectives, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

d. No Objection Certificate (NOC): If any of the shareholders or managers of the company hold visas from other UAE emirates, you may need to obtain an NOC from the respective emirate.

e. Legal Documents: For FZE or FZC licenses, provide legal documents such as a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

multiethnic businesswomen checking information in documents
  1. Office Space and Lease Agreement

Having a physical office space within Fujairah Creative City is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a business license. You can choose from a variety of office options based on your needs, including flexi-desks, shared offices, or private office spaces.

BIZDADDY Ensure that you have a valid lease agreement for your chosen office space, as this will be a critical document during the licensing process. The lease agreement should meet the specific requirements of Fujairah Creative City