Which are the main documents required for Kizad company formation?

Starting a company in Kizad (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi) involves a series of administrative and legal procedures, including the submission of specific documents to various government authorities. These documents are essential for Kizad company formation and ensure that your business operates legally and compliantly.

Below, we outline the main documents required for Kizad company formation:

Application Form:

The first step in forming a company in Kizad is to complete the relevant application form. The type of form you need to complete depends on your chosen legal structure (e.g., LLC, Free Zone Establishment, branch office, etc.). These forms are typically provided by Kizad’s authorities and may be available online.

Business Plan:

A comprehensive business plan outlines your company’s goals, objectives, market analysis, financial projections, and operational strategy. This document is often required to demonstrate the viability of your business to authorities and potential investors.

Passport Copies:

Copies of the passports of all shareholders, directors, and the legal representative of the company are typically required. In the case of corporate shareholders, copies of the corporate documents, such as the certificate of incorporation, should be submitted.

No Objection Certificate (NOC):

If the shareholders or directors of your company are sponsored by other employers in the UAE, you may need to obtain an NOC from the current employer, allowing them to engage in other business activities.

Proof of Address:

A copy of a recent utility bill or lease agreement for the proposed business premises in Kizad is often required as proof of the company’s physical address.

Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA):

For LLCs and other similar legal structures, you must draft a Memorandum and Articles of Association that outline the company’s structure, activities, and governance. These documents need to be notarized.

Board Resolution:

In the case of corporate shareholders, a board resolution authorizing the establishment of the new company and appointing a legal representative is usually required.

Bank Reference Letter:

Some business structures may require a bank reference letter for shareholders and directors, demonstrating their financial reliability.

Legal Representative Appointment Letter:

If a legal representative is appointed for the company, a formal appointment letter specifying their role and responsibilities is necessary.

Proof of Share Capital:

Depending on your chosen legal structure, you may need to provide proof of share capital deposited in a UAE bank account. This is typically required for LLCs.

Trade Name Reservation Certificate:

Before registering your business, you must obtain a trade name reservation certificate from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or Kizad authorities. This ensures that your chosen business name is unique and available for use.

Shareholder Agreements (if applicable):

For LLCs with multiple shareholders, a shareholder agreement may be required to outline the rights and obligations of each shareholder.

Special Permits and Licenses:

Depending on your business activity, industry, and location within Kizad, you may need additional permits or licenses from relevant government authorities. These may include industry-specific licenses, health permits, and environmental clearances.

NOC from Kizad:

If you are setting up a branch or representative office within Kizad, you may need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Kizad authorities.

It’s important to note that document requirements may vary based on the type of business activity, the chosen legal structure, and any specific regulations that apply to your industry. Additionally, the document submission process may evolve over time as regulations change.

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