Which activities are permitted under a DMCC trade license?

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has established itself as a thriving hub for business activities in the heart of Dubai. One of the crucial aspects of setting up a business within DMCC is obtaining a trade license. This article delves into the various activities permitted under a DMCC trade license, providing entrepreneurs with valuable insights into the scope of opportunities available to them.

Permitted Activities Under a DMCC Trade License:

A DMCC trade license offers a wide array of activities across diverse sectors. These activities are categorized into three main types: Trading, Service, and Industrial. Each category encompasses numerous specific activities. Let’s explore each category in detail:

1. Trading Activities:

– Import and Export

– Retail Trading

– Wholesale Trading

– Commodities Trading

– Foodstuff Trading

– Precious Metals and Stones Trading

2. Service Activities:

– Consultancy Services

– Management Services

– Legal Services

– Information Technology Services

– Marketing Services

– Advertising Services

3. Industrial Activities:

– Manufacturing

– Processing

– Packaging

– Assembling

Understanding the Scope:

1. Trading Activities:

For those involved in the import and export of goods, a trading license provides an excellent opportunity. This category encompasses everything from retail and wholesale trading to commodities and foodstuff trading. Businesses within these activities can tap into Dubai’s strategic geographical location and excellent connectivity.

2. Service Activities:

Entrepreneurs in consulting, management, legal, information technology, and marketing services can thrive under a DMCC trade license. The city’s dynamic business landscape provides a steady stream of clients and opportunities for growth.

3. Industrial Activities:

Manufacturing, processing, packaging, and assembling activities offer the potential to create tangible products. Dubai’s efficient logistics infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods, making it an ideal location for industrial endeavors.

Benefits of a DMCC Trade License:

1. Business Diversification:

The wide range of permitted activities allows entrepreneurs to diversify their business interests under a single license.

2. Flexibility:

Businesses can switch between different activities within the same category, providing flexibility and adaptability to market demands.

3. Access to Markets:

Dubai’s strategic location offers access to both regional and international markets, providing a significant advantage for trading and service-related activities.

4. Regulatory Support:

DMCC provides a supportive regulatory framework, making it easier for entrepreneurs to operate within the designated activities.


A DMCC trade license opens the door to a plethora of opportunities across trading, service, and industrial sectors. Entrepreneurs can harness the dynamic business environment of Dubai and position themselves for success. With  BizDaddy‘s expert assistance, you can navigate the licensing process seamlessly, ensuring you make the most of the diverse range of activities available.


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