Introduction: Meydan Free Zone

Dubai has always been a bustling hub for business and innovation. With its strategic location and business-friendly policies, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs from around the globe are drawn to this dynamic city. One such location that’s particularly appealing is the Meydan Free Zone.

A Digital Haven for Entrepreneurs

Meydan Free Zone ranks among the world’s largest and most advanced digital-free zones. Situated just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, it offers a unique opportunity to conduct multiple business activities under one license, making it ideal for a wide range of enterprises. Whether you operate an e-commerce unit, a marketing agency, or a management consulting firm, the convenience of a single license allows businesses to diversify and explore new opportunities with minimal administrative hassle.

Benefits of Choosing Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone isn’t just about business; it’s about creating a dynamic and connected ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators. Here are some of its key benefits:

  1. MOFA Recognized Business License: Businesses can get a license recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), which provides credibility and legitimacy.
  2. Guaranteed Bank Account Opening: With a license from MFZ, businesses can open a bank account with over 26 local and international banks and fintech brands with a guaranteed IBAN.
  3. Certification by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce: MFZ business licenses are certified by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, enhancing the trust and confidence of stakeholders and partners.
  4. Flexi-desk included with the license: This provides a flexible workspace solution for businesses, which is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses that need office space but also require flexibility.
  5. Choice of Marketplaces: Businesses can choose from over 20 marketplaces to sell their products, providing them with numerous avenues for business expansion and revenue generation.
  6. Work with Mainland Companies: Businesses in MFZ can open an office anywhere in Dubai and work with mainland companies with a No Objection Certificate (NoC).
  7. Complete Foreign Ownership with Full Capital Repatriation: Businesses have the opportunity to be completely foreign-owned with the ability to repatriate all capital and profits, making it an attractive option for foreign investors.
  8. 3500+ Business Activities: Businesses have the freedom to conduct multiple activities under one license, such as operating an e-commerce unit, a marketing agency, or a management consulting firm, allowing for diversification and exploration of new opportunities.
  9. Award-Winning All-Inclusive Digital Customer Platform: The digital platform of MFZ allows businesses to conduct transactions online, make immediate payments, and manage various aspects of their business. This platform has received awards for its innovation and effectiveness.
  10. Interest-Free Deferral Plan: MFZ offers an interest-free deferral plan for 12 months from leading banks, providing financial flexibility for businesses.

Moreover, Meydan Free Zone is a fully digitized environment, with all trade licenses and payments made through its award-winning customer portal. From PO Box registration to document delivery, Meydan Free Zone ensures that communication needs are met with ease, allowing businesses to focus on growth while experts handle the details.

Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone: What’s the Cost?

Setting up a business in Meydan Free Zone is based on a Pay-As-You-Go model, offering flexibility in terms of capital. The fees depend on various factors, including your preferred method of starting and growing your trade license, the nature of your business activities, visa requirements, and the license duration.

Please note that the below costs are approximate and can vary. Always consult your business setup advisor for accurate costs.

Here’s a breakdown of costs based on different visa allocations:

Visa AllocationCost (AED)
0 Visa12,500
1 Visa14,350
3 Visas18,050

Additional immigration costs include:

ServiceCost (AED)
Visa Allocation (1 to 50)1,850 per visa
Investor / Partner Visa4,000
Residency / Employment Visa3,500
Medical & Emirates ID Assistance2,250
Establishment / Immigration Card2,000

Long-term planners can also enjoy savings of up to 15% with multi-year license setup deals, making it an excellent choice for businesses that are here for the long haul.

The Meydan Lifestyle

aerial photography of meydan freezone racecourse | bizdaddy

Meydan isn’t just a place to do business; it’s a place to live, work, and play. Home to the world’s richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup, Meydan offers a range of luxury properties, world-class sports, and leisure facilities. Its prime location in the heart of Dubai provides easy access to major highways and transportation links, making it convenient for commuting or traveling around the city. Meydan is designed sustainably, with green spaces, parks, cycling paths, and energy-efficient buildings. Its community features schools, clinics, restaurants, and parks, so entrepreneurs can enjoy a diverse urban environment that supports everyday living.


In conclusion, Meydan Free Zone provides an accessible, cost-effective, and flexible pathway for entrepreneurs looking to set up their businesses in Dubai. With its diverse range of services, strong digital infrastructure, and advantageous location, it presents an appealing prospect for businesses of all sizes.

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