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Explore Our PRO Service Offerings

At BizDaddy, we offer a comprehensive suite of PRO services to cater to your every need

Visa Services

From resident and employee visas to investor and family visas, and even retirement visas, we have you covered.

Company Formation

We assist with every step of company and branch formation, trade license modifications, and obtaining regulatory approvals.

Document Clearing

We handle all the intricacies of paperwork related to license renewals, labor agreements, and immigration department requirements.

Legal Support

Our services extend to notarizing legal documents, offering company secretarial services, and managing payroll & WPS.

Government Liaison

We guide you through all the formalities of starting and operating a business, fostering strong relationships with local and national government offices.

Our pro service

Why Do You Need PRO Services?

Navigating the legal and administrative landscape of a new country can be daunting. That’s where PRO services come in, simplifying the process and allowing you to focus on growing your business. Here’s why you might need PRO services:

Efficient Document Processing

We handle paperwork for licenses, labor agreements, and government requirements, saving you time and effort.

Compliance with Local Laws

Our PRO services ensure your business follows local regulations, reducing the risk of fines or legal issues.

Strong Relationships with Government Bodies

Our connections with government offices speed up document processing and approvals.

Cost Savings

Our PRO services can save you up to 70% of administrative costs by managing paperwork and liaising with government bodies.

Peace of Mind

With our expert team managing your paperwork, you can focus on running your business confidently.

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Government Bodies We Work With:


Why Choose BizDaddy PRO Services?

Choosing BizDaddy means opting for comprehensive, tailor-made PRO services designed to navigate the complexities of setting up and managing a business in the UAE. We’re your partners in success. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best service and support throughout your business setup journey.
Here’s why BizDaddy should be your preferred choice.
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Frequently Asked Questions

PRO services refer to all activities related to processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labor cards, and company trade licensing documentation and approvals. They are vital for legal compliance and smooth business operations in the UAE.

PRO services are essential for ensuring that your business processes are dealt with correctly and timely. This reduces the risk of any unnecessary fines or similar detrimental consequences. Also, they can have an impact on factors outside the business, such as obtaining necessary permits and licenses for employees and the company.

While it is possible to handle PRO services yourself, it can be time-consuming and complicated due to the intricate local laws and regulations. Hiring a professional PRO service provider ensures that you comply with all the rules & regulations and you focus on growing your business instead.

By handling all the paperwork and liaising with government bodies, PRO services can save you up to 70% of your administrative costs. They can also prevent costly mistakes that might arise from non-compliance or errors in document processing.

All types of businesses, from start-ups to multinational corporations, can benefit from PRO services. Any company that requires governmental paperwork and approvals can utilize PRO services for smoother, more efficient operations.

PRO services have established relationships with local and national government offices, which can speed up document processing and approval times. This can significantly expedite the process of company formation.

Yes, a significant aspect of PRO services includes handling visa applications, including employee visas, investor visas, and family visas.
PRO services can handle a wide range of documentation including, but not limited to, license renewals, labor agreements, visa applications, regulatory approvals, notarization of legal documents, and company secretarial services.
A Public Relations Officer manages all your paperwork and clearing services required to start and operate your business in the UAE. They guide you through the legal course of actions required by various departments, helping with license renewals, visas, labor agreements, and more.
When choosing a PRO services provider, consider their knowledge of local laws and regulations, their relationships with government bodies, the range of services offered, cost-effectiveness, and their track record of success in helping businesses navigate the UAE’s business environment.

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